[SOLVED] ESXi 6.0 Installation, No Storage Device Found

Aaron Medina
1 min readAug 18, 2017

Server Model: HP ProLiant DL160 Gen9
OS: ESXi 6.0


I downloaded the generic ESXi iso from their website and tried installing it to our server. It won’t push through the installation if I tried booting the iso directly from the CD since it can’t detect any storage for the installation. I also tried using HP’s Intelligent Provisioning, I was able to install the OS successfully but it won’t boot properly due to storage device related issues.


Download and install HP’s ESXi custom image. You may check this site for the list their custom images. Heads-up, you might need to register to their website to download it.

There’s a lot of brand specific custom images available for download, you might want to try them first if you’re having issues on your installation. If you can’t find any custom image for your server, you can create your own by using the generic iso and then just add the drivers manually.