With the recent macOS Catalina update, we can now finally use the picture-in-picture mode while watching videos in Safari in just a few clicks. Meaning you can keep doing what you’re doing while still watching videos from websites like YouTube, Facebook, and the likes.

To enable the picture-in-picture mode, you can either right-click or hold the ctrl (control) button and left click the volume icon and then select the Enter Picture in Picture option.

Keychain is really a convenient tool for managing passwords even for terminal users, specifically for those people who uses passphrase in their private key. For newer versions of OSX, Catalina in my case, there’s an additional step to add and being able to use it.

I will be assuming that you already have your private key with you and just want to make things more convenient.

Step 1 — Add your Private Key to Keychain

ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/[name of your private key]

Enter your passphrase, then hit enter.

Step 2 — Allow SSH to use always your keychain

Modify your SSH configuration file ~/.ssh/config and add the following lines:

Host *
UseKeychain yes
AddKeysToAgent yes
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/[name of your private key]

Note: If you are using multiple private keys, just add a new IdentityFile entry in your SSH config.

By default, applications are being restricted by the operating system to limit the actions that might cause an issue to your machine. This usually causes the Operation not permitted error.

If you really know what you’re doing and you want to make modifications to your system files, like creating a…

Aaron Medina

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